Year 10

Year 10 lessons

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Session 1: Careers in the City

This lesson offers insights into a variety of city-based jobs and the advantages and disadvantages of these jobs for different types of people.

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Session 2: Apprenticeships

Students learn about different types and levels of apprenticeships and compare apprenticeships to other career pathways.

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Session 3: Entrepreneurship

Students explore what it looks like to be an entrepreneur and practise the necessary skills required to be an entrepreneur.

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Session 4: Gig work and rights

Students learn how the gig economy has changed over time, including the financial vulnerabilities associated with gig work, as well as rights awarded to gig workers [in the UK/England].

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Session 5: Speaking up at work

Students will learn to recognise different pay related issues that may arise in the workplace and ways to resolve them.

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Session 6: Planning a career

In this lesson students investigate educational and job experience options in order to plan their own potential career path.