Year 11 lessons

Year 11 lessons

fist holding banknotes

Session 1: Take-home pay

This lesson explains what is included in a payslip. Students also explore and calculate income tax for different salary bands.

pen-and-paper calculation

Session 2: Budgeting

Students will understand the purpose of budgeting and complete a practical exercise to apply a budgeting framework to needs, wants and future spending.

fist holding banknotes

Session 3: Savings accounts

Students explore different ways to save and delve into what a savings account constitutes, applying learning to scenarios.

rising graph plot over stacked coins

Session 4: Investing

This lesson explores key investment concepts (risk vs reward, diversification and compound interest) with students applying their knowledge to advise.

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Session 5: Insurance

Students learn how risk relates to insurance, before exploring different types of insurance and applying learning to decision-making activities.

scales icon representing balancing risks

Session 6: Investing simulation

Students take on the role of a financial advisor making investment decisions for their character. They then learn how different factors affect investments through a simulation activity.