Year 13

Year 13 lessons

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Session 1: The economy

Students learn about key features of the economy from the principles of scarcity to how interest rates and inflation affect people’s everyday lives.

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Session 2: Mortgages

Students explore what mortgages are and how mortgages work before assessing the best options for first-time buyers.

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Session 3: Credit cards

Students learn how credit cards work, assess different options available and weigh up the risks and benefits of credit cards.

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Session 4: Pensions

Students will learn about different types of pensions and evaluate the benefits of having a pension.

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Session 5: ISAs

This lesson covers the benefits and drawbacks of saving, and deep dives into a range of Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) with students assessing which ISA account may best suit different people.

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Session 6: Financial decisions

Students dive deeper into mortgages, credit cards and ISAs by comparing different financial products, and deciding which product may suit different people in varying situations.