Year 7 lessons

Year 7 lessons

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Session 1: Spending decisions

This lesson offers insights into needs, wants and priorities as well as personal and external influences that affect spending decisions.

pen-and-paper calculation

Session 2: Budgeting

Students will learn what a budget is, why budgeting is important and how to analyse a budget before setting their own savings goals.


Session 3: Getting a job

Explore different types of jobs and ways of working. The lesson ends with students’ having an opportunity to determine what kind of work they’d like for their future.

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Session 4: Inflation

This session teaches students what inflation is, how it’s measured and how inflation affects people’s everyday lives.

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Session 5: The critical consumer

Students explore various pressures that influence spending decisions before diving into what makes adverts persuasive.

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Session 6: Budgeting for a holiday

Learning is consolidated in this activity where students create a holiday budget for a profile, making spending decisions along the way.