Year 8

Year 8 lessons

fist holding banknotes

Session 1: Opening a bank account

This lesson explores the purpose of having a bank account. Students learn how to set up a bank account and investigate the pros and cons of different accounts.

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Session 2: Reading a bank statement

Students learn how to read a bank statement and evaluate ways to track finances.

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Session 3: How to save money

This lesson explores why and how people can save money. Students then apply their learning by creating a savings plan.

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Session 4: Debit and credit cards

In this lesson students learn about the differences between debit and credit cards, how credit cards work and ways to make informed spending decisions.

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Session 5: Managing debt

This topic looks at the differences between good and bad debt, and explores a variety of borrowing options including Buy Now Pay Later.

two financial graphical plots

Session 6: A guide to banking

In this final lesson, students apply their learning by creating a guide to inform other young people about key things that they should know about banking.