Year 9

Year 9 lessons

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Session 1: Mobile phone products

Students compare the value of different mobile phone contracts and how to make sound financial choices.

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Session 2: Cryptocurrency

Understand what cryptocurrencies are and how they compare with traditional money.

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Session 3: Financial exploitation

Students explore the effects of financial exploitation, including what money mules are, ways to protect themselves and how to recognise signs of exploitation.

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Session 4: Online gaming

This lesson explores the costs of in-app purchasing, including a maths moment converting gaming currencies, and ways to manage spending when gaming.

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Session 5: Online safety

Students learn to recognise different types of online scams and ways to identify and avoid them.

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Session 6: Pocket money debate

In the final lesson students apply their learning to a debate activity, to discuss the motion “all young people have pocket money”. Students will use prompt questions and a FT article to assess whether young people can be financially responsible.